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Waterfront & Sailable Land Parcels

We have different types and only the best of mainland ground parcels to suit your needs.

Some are residential and some can be light commercial as well.

Most of our waterfront properties are sailable, which means you can rez a boat or water vehicle within the parcel and you can sail out and navigate through the connected open seas.

Please check the description in our listing if it is sailable or just waterfront. You may also contact our staff or support to make sure. They are either corner 2x protected or waterfront and we have them in either Beach or Forest theme. You get most of the land rights but would have to be in our group to change the settings.


Our Land Specials are Sailable Woods and Crow's Nest.


Prices and prims vary. Kindly check out our listing  and visit by clicking on TELEPORT.

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